and symptom checker

General assessment

  1. 1 Introduction
  2. 2 Who is the checker for?
  3. 3 Symptom questions
  4. 4 Results

Check your symptoms here

How it works – we’ll ask you some questions and you’ll get advice on dealing with your symptoms.

Safety first – asking for another person

  • the questions will be about them and they must be conscious and reacting normally
  • if they’re asleep, they should react to gentle shaking. If not, call 999 for an ambulance now

Please remember that some children have difficulty in describing their symptoms, or may show symptoms slightly differently to adults.

At the end of the assessment you’ll receive advice, such as:

  • self care – for safely treating your symptoms yourself
  • further help – when to seek help from a GP or other healthcare professional
  • urgent care instructions - if you need to call 999 or go to A&E

The next few questions will help us narrow down the reason for your enquiry, so we can give you the most suitable advice.

Last reviewed: 29/07/2014
Next review due: 29/07/2017